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Paid to Act!

I’ve just been given my first ever paid role! I’m playing D’Artagnan in “The Three Musketeers” in a promenade piece in York! :D

It’s not the West End, I can’t live off it properly, but oh my goodness I can say I’m a semi-professional actor now! Wow! I’m so happeeeeeeee! :D



So you missed out on By Chance Or Providence? Never you fear, retailers all over the world got you covered! Written in alphabetical order by location. (Country, State, City) A handful of stores have bookplate editions as well, I’ll post those up later!

Books will start shipping in late April, so please look for these in the first or second week of May! :) 


All Star Comics Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria


Alpha Comics
Calgary, Alberta

Strange Adventures 
Nova Scotia, Halifax

Big B Comics
Hamilton, Ontario

The Beguiling
Toronto, Ontario

Millenium Comics
Montreal, QC


Big Bang Comics
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin


Travelling Man

  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • York

Forbidden Planet

  • London (Megastore!)
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Coventry
  • Croydon
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

Chaos City Comics

OK Comics


Orbital Comics

Page 45


Ash Avenue Comics & Books
Tempe, AZ 

Pulp Fiction
Long Beach, CA

Secret Headquarters LLC
Los Angeles, CA 

Red Sky Comics
Merced, CA

Escapist Comics
Oakland, CA 

A Shop Called Quest
Redlands, CA

Mission: Comics & Art
San Francisco, CA 

Muse Comics & Games
Colorado Springs, CO

Big Planet Comics
Washington, DC
& College Park, MD
& Vienna, VA

Coliseum of Comics
Orlando, FL

Dr. No’s Comics & Games
Marietta, GA

Challengers Comics
Chiacgo, IL 

Chicago Comics
Chicago, IL

Arcadian Comics & Games 
Newport, KY

Crescent City Comics
New Orleans, LA 

Friendly NeighborhoodComics
Bellingham, MA

New England Comics
Brockton, MA

That’s Entertainment
Worcester, MA

Fantom Comics
North Potomac, MD

Casablanca Comics
Portland, ME 

Vault of Midnight
Ann Arbor, MI

Bombshell Comics & Stuff
Hattiesburg, MS

Midtown Comics
New York, NY

Royal Collectibles
Forest Hills, NY 

Escape Pod Comics
Huntington Village, NY

Comic Envy
Asheville, NC

Chapel Hill Comics Inc
Chapel Hill, NC

Atomic Empire
Durham, NC

Heroes Are Here
Goldsboro, NC

Bill’s Books and More
Canton, OH

Bridge City Comics
Portland, OR 

Floating World
Portland, OR

Brave New Worlds
Philadelphia, PA 

Comics on the Green
Scranton, PA

Rogues Gallery Comics & Game
Round Rock, TX

Zanadu Comics
Seattle, WA

hubba hubba will you look at that gorgeous thing! xxxx

Prrrr beautiful work as ever, beautifully presented, by a lady I’m proud to call my friend! :D


Bryn Celli Dhu (The Mound in the dark grove), Anglesey.
Bryn Celli Dhu began as a henge - a bank and ditch enclosed a cricle of 14 stones. Shortly afterwards the site was deliberately overbuilt by a large burial mound. (Photosnappery by me).

Spelled Bryn Celli Ddu. We don’t use the Dh of the other Celtic nations. Also, this is about 3 miles from my house!

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I would love to live in a converted railway carriage.


Y Garn MountainsJoseph P. Knight (British, 1837–1909)
Oil on canvas, 121.92 x 86.36 cm, 1891.Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery.

Ah, my country…


Y Garn Mountains
Joseph P. Knight (British, 1837–1909)

Oil on canvas, 121.92 x 86.36 cm, 1891.
Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery.

Ah, my country…

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